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Oil & Gas Production with John Henry Petroleum

October 21, 2016
Founded in 1995 by two former oil and gas executives who wanted to move their industry forward, John Henry Petroleum is a wholly independent exploration and production company whose success comes from their ability to better use technological advances like 3D seismic imaging and new deviated and horizontal drilling technologies to make finding and extracting oil and gas easier and more profitable.

It is a fact that John Henry Petroleum has always been a leader in oil and gas exploration, in part because they have been able to stimulate further innovation. That makes the future much brighter for them and the entire industry. Their search and extraction methods make them a lot of money for themselves because they can focus drilling in only the most prolific areas in their project portfolio. John Henry Petroleum has a large inventory of proven oil and gas production trends, which will make them a very successful oil production company.

However, there is more to it, as the company has been able to leverage their technological expertise to generate strong and steady growth in the entire industry, increasing both net production volumes and net proved reserves for many companies, even as those companies keep costs under control.